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Downhole Sensors

Reservoir Imaging is actively invested in providing our clients with the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide the highest performance downhole seismic services available in the industry today.

Reservoir Imaging owns and operates all its own equipment including over 400 levels of distributive telemetry digital 3-component sensors (OYO GeoSpace DS-150, DS-250). Downhole digital sensors are interconnected with cables (DS-150) or rigid interconnects (DS-250) and configured to form Vertical Seismic Arrays (VSA). Each downhole array is custom configured to optimally suit each seismic survey, depending on the practical number of levels required, well depth, install time and project goals. Furthermore, inter-geophone spacing is selectable depending on geophysical considerations for signal frequency content, geologic characteristics (formation velocity) and wave field type (P and/or S).

‚Ä®Special custom downhole arrays for high temperature (> 140 °C) and 4-component sensor are available on request. Please contact us for details.

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