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Passive Monitoring

Reservoir Imaging offers a full suite of long-term passive seismic monitoring equipment, with fully customizable configurations, designed to meet the specific and diverse goals of our clients. Deployment of subsurface analog seismic monitoring equipment allows Reservoir Imaging's clients to economically monitor their reservoir development in sustained development scenarios.

Reservoir Imaging utilizes the industry accepted DAQIII or Sigma digitizers for digitization of downhole analogue systems at the wellhead. Through utilization of a industry leading digitizers, Reservoir Imaging is able to purpose build our passive monitoring equipment to maximize recording fidelity while reducing cost. All passive monitoring equipment can be configured for on-pad deployment where infrastructure is available (Power, Communication) or for remote deployment in extreme conditions where little to no infrastructure is present.

In remote applications, equipment is configured with solar, battery or generator power, with the capability for Wi-Fi data transmission over a mesh radio network. Should environmental conditions not allow for Wi-Fi transmission of data, high capacity data drives can store on-board data for two months of sustained recording.

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