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Near Surface/Surface Seismic Imaging

Wireline Operations

Reservoir Imaging's downhole arrays are configured to suit each individual survey, depending on the number of levels required, well depth, width and install time. A feasibility report can also be prepared prior to deployment to determine the number of levels required, the optimized array architecture, and the best possible way to deploy the array to achieve optimal results.

Reservoir Imaging has a reputation for setting new standards in the seismic acquisition industry, and we know that in order to achieve continued success in the industry we need to constantly revise, review and improve our procedures. In January of 2012 Reservoir Imaging reached a new milestone by successfully deploying a vertical array consisting of 135 DS-150 tools. The success can be attributed to our highly skilled field personnel, who are capable of solving the most complex problems that arise in the field.

Cost control is essential in any seismic program. Reservoir Imaging understands that timing and precision in the field are essential, and we strive to employ the most efficient solutions without compromise. Our deployment procedures have been optimized over many years to eliminate any downtime or lag. Our field personnel are highly trained and competent in their work and we continuously strive to exceed client's expectations and stay ahead of schedule.

All downhole equipment is rated for 140 ℃ temperature and 20,000 psi.

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