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Microseismic Imaging


Reservoir Imaging is setting the bar for microseismic acquisition surveys. The technology we employ allows us to offer a wide range of microseismic array solutions, custom designed to meet your needs. Our array deployment range from the most basic:

  • Single vertical well deployment
  • Single horizontal well deployment
  • Surface array deployment


To the more complex:

  • Multiple vertical and/or horizontal well deployment
  • Vertical and horizontal arrays in the same well
  • Simultaneous downhole and surface deployment


By linking all our recoding systems together using a fibre-optic telemetry we can record all the data in one convenient file, enhancing location accuracy while processing. Before field crews are mobilized, Reservoir Imaging will perform a feasibility analysis to calculate event detection limits and predict the success of a proposed array layout. From there Reservoir Imaging will recommend changes to maximise our clients chances for success.

Note: Typical VSA for continuous seismicity recording ranges from 10 to 60 levels.