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Near Surface/Surface Seismic Imaging

Microseismic Processing

Not only does Reservoir Imaging acquire your microseismic data; we can also provide a full spectrum of processing services. Our experienced geophysicists are specially trained in microseismic acquisition and can provide real time processing or QA/QC from the field, allowing for more responsive decision-making.

Reservoir Imaging is an advocate for velocity calibration. Our ability to provide our clients with a VSP for true velocity calibration and processing optimization, without the need for additional resources in the field (when using vibroseis for orientation), has further increased confidence in processed microseismic data. Furthermore, should perforation or string shots be used for orientation, Reservoir Imaging also offers a T0 source capability, turning any orientation program into a velocity calibration opportunity.

Once the job is complete, Reservoir Imaging prides itself in its quick turnaround. Depending on the scope of the project, we aim to have a first look dataset available to the client within 7 days and a final report completed within 15 days. In the final report we offer:

  • Complete details regarding the setup of the job
  • Description of velocity model (including inversion calculations from calibration shots)
  • Orientation Analysis
  • Final event locations with corresponding analysis and interpretation
  • Engineering analysis that combines the microseismic data and frac injection data
  • Error estimates
  • Moment magnitude plot
  • Stimulated Rock Volume


Beyond the final report, we also provide our clients with a final deliverable package:

  • Spreadsheet outlining all event locations and their corresponding attributes
  • Self-contained visualizer, allowing our clients to perform their own interpretation without the cost of a 3rd party visualizer
  • All raw data recorded, you own the data, something a few of our competitors would disagree with
  • A final engineering report

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